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The causes of autism spectrum disorder are not known yet, but the disorder develops as a result of the interaction of a group of genetic and environmental factors:

Genetic factors

Because of mutations in genes, either the mutations are inherited from the parents, or the mutations are self-existing in the child and not present in the parents.

Environmental factors

  • Advances in the age of the parents (or one of them).
  • Complications during pregnancy and childbirth, for example: prematurity, which is the birth of a child before 26 weeks of the specified day of birth, low birth weight of the child, multiple pregnancies [twins, triplets, etc.].
  • Consecutive pregnancy for a period of less than one year.

    The relationship between immunization(s) (as an environmental factor) and the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder.

    • Scientific research does not support the association of immunizations (as an environmental factor) with an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder.
    • Routine immunizations given to the mother during pregnancy, such as vaccinations against influenza and pertussis, do not increase the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder.
    • The research that claimed the emergence of a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorder, were incorrect studies and have been retracted, and no reliable and strong evidence has emerged to support the relationship of children’s vaccinations and autism.