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Consulting service for establishments

Providing advisory services to organizations, bodies, governmental, private and non-profit agencies and service and care providers in the field of autism spectrum disorder and developmental disorders by the most prominent experts in the field of managing and providing rehabilitation services (applied behavior analysis, occupational therapy, speech and language, special education) in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Preparing or reviewing administrative and clinical processes
  2. Study facilities, clinical spaces and treatment rooms
  3. Preparing or reviewing administrative, clinical and quality policies and procedures
  4. Determine the need, develop plans to build the capabilities of the team, and prepare human capacity development programs in the operational and administrative aspects
  5. Preparing operational plans that help the facility achieve its outputs
  6. Examining financial sustainability resources and submitting proposals to find opportunities and sources of financial sustainability.



Providing method

Autism Center of Excellence building


1 session

(60 minutes)


It is determined based on the entity and the need