34 Trainees Graduated from Excellence Training Program in Autism Center of Excellence

 34 Trainees Graduated from Excellence Training Program in Autism Center of Excellence

حفل برنامج التميز التدريبي

Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) held a graduation ceremony for the trainees. Excellence Training Program was launched at the beginning of August 2022 and lasted for a year at Autism Center of Excellence, under the supervision of specialists who are  licensed in their fields.

Excellence Training Program came among one of the pillars that Autism Center of Excellence is working on to improve the field of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and raise the quality of services provided to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families, in order to contribute to achieving the targets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 which empowerment of individuals with different disabilities and enhancing their integration in society.

Excellence Training Program seeks to provide the trainees with skills and strategies of how to provide rehabilitation and educational services at high level. In addition, provide practical skills that qualify trainees to enter the labor market with high efficiency. 

Autism Center of Excellence seeks to become a leading independent legal entity in the field at regional level, by applying the planned objectives of providing and modeling rehabilitation services, contributing to conducting research studies in the field of autism spectrum disorder, training specialists, supporting families by raising community awareness about autism spectrum disorder, vocational rehabilitation, and providing housing model solutions.

To achieve these goals that serve individuals with autism spectrum disorder, work to integrate them into society, and raise the level of services provided to them; Autism Center of Excellence attracts qualified expertise and specialists in the field with the highest international standards and experiences.

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