The second annual meeting for vocational rehabilitation

The second annual meeting for vocational rehabilitation

As part of the April series of activities to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder, the Excellence Center for Autism held the second annual meeting for vocational rehabilitation on Sunday, April 9, 2023. The program were presented by the vocational rehabilitation boys and girls at the center, and it also included a dialogue session with families benefiting from the services of the center.

The program also included honoring the second batch of the vocational rehabilitation programme. This program came out of the objectives of the Center of Excellence for Autism to improve the quality of services provided to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families around the Kingdom, improve their quality of life and develop all services provided to them. Under the supervision and guidance of qualified specialists working on investing the energies of young people and employing their abilities in a manner commensurate with the plan of each individual.

Through its services, the center seeks to become a leading independent legal entity in the field at the regional level. And by applying the planned objectives, which are represented in the provision and modeling of rehabilitation services, Contribute to conducting research studies in the field of autism spectrum disorder, training of specialists, In addition to supporting families by raising community awareness about autism spectrum disorder, as well as vocational rehabilitation, Providing a model for housing solutions for them.

In order to achieve these goals that serve people with autism spectrum disorder, working to integrate them into society, upgrading the level of services provided to them; The center works to attract expertise and qualified specialists in the field in accordance with the highest international standards and experiences.

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